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ESG and Furniture Procurement for the Build-to-rent Sector

The impact of furniture procurement on ESG compliance in the build-to-rent sector

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues will continue to increase in importance in the build-to-rent sector as more corporate investors and tenants become environmentally conscious about their investments and places to live.

Furniture procurement can have considerable impact on sustainability and life cycle costing. We believe furniture has a key role within the investment lifecycle, and should be durable, long-lasting and recyclable to achieve an ESG-compliant scheme.


There are concerns about furniture procurement where items with a relatively short life cycle – and therefore low cost – and are shipped across the world generating carbon emissions.


Kitchen and bedroom furniture solutions which are assembled in a factory here in the UK and using strong glue and dowel constructions have significantly improved life cycle costing compared to cheaper flat-pack alternatives.


A UK manufacturer should also have a more detailed understanding of the UK property market to inform and add value to the furniture specification and choice of materials to minimise impact on the environment.


Images courtesy of Mace Developments and Vita Living.